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Aquaforest Lab ICP Test 2 Seawater + RO
Aquaforest Lab ICP Test 2 Seawater + RO

Aquaforest Lab ICP Test 2 Seawater + RO

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ICP-OES analysis is able to detect harmful or even toxic substances, as well as unwanted concentrations or deficiencies of 36 elements. Use that invaluable information to learn about the quality of your precious liquid, and act on it accordingly. For aquarists it means no more guesswork or guesstimations . You can easily find out which macro and trace elements need to be supplemented or are excessively present. Your task to mimic natural water environment created by nature just got easier.  

  • Use your RO water intended for analysis to rinse the red vial twice   before collecting the actual sample . Use the aquarium water intended for analysis to rinse the blue test vial twice, before collecting the actual sample . Fill the vials and make sure they’re closed tightly.
  • Sign up and log in . Use the vial code to register your sample
  • Fill in the sender details on the enclosed envelope and mail the sample to our lab for analysis
  • We will notify you by email once the results are available . Please log on website in order to receive your reports
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Zophobas Morio larver

Zophobas Morio er kjent under flere navn som Zophobas, Superworms, kjempemelorm mm. Zophobas er en meget næringsrik larve med høyt proteininnhold, høyere enn i kylling og fisk. Insektmel av Zophobas larver har gjennomsnittlig følgende næringsinnhold:

  • Protein 39-49%
  • Fett 29-43%

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