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NYOS Phytomaxx 250 ml
NYOS Phytomaxx 250 ml

NYOS Phytomaxx 250 ml

CS 12009
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NYOS® PhytoMaxx er høykonsentrert phytoplankton produkt som kommer fra proffosjonell akvakultur bransjen. phytomaxx inneholder levende Nannochloropsis alger med en størrelse på 2-5 µm.

PhytoMaxx is produced in cooperation with a highly specialised biotechnology laboratory according to our specifications under permanent quality assurance and control. The process uses a highly modern photo-bioreactor technology, adapted to the corresponding algae. The live algae are harvested gently and cleaned effectively by means of special centrifuges, and then prepared in sterile seawater. Standards such as these are usually applied only in the field of professional aquaculture. The result is an extremely clean, live microalgae biomass that displays no bacterial impurities whatever. PhytoMaxx is free from artificial colouring, preservatives and antioxidants. It is highly concentrated and contains 500 million fresh, live algae cells per ml. Because of its sterile production conditions, PhytoMaxx is almost odourless and can be stored, chilled, for up to 6 months.

In the aquarium, PhytoMaxx is the ideal live fodder for Tridacna clams, sponges, filtering organisms or soft corals, for example. Regular use encourages the emergence of live zooplankton and gives your aquarium a bio-boost. Get state of the art plankton from the field of professional aquaculture for your domestic aquarium.

  • Super-concentrate with 500 million fresh, live algae cells per ml
  • State of the art product from the field of professional aquaculture
  • Produced with the latest photo-bioreactor technology and prepared in sterile seawater
  • Free from germs and odours, as there are no bacterial impurities
  • Free from pollutants, as the algae are cleaned with special centrifuges and harvested gently
  • Free from preservatives, colouring agents, antioxidants
  • Ideal for Tridacna clams, soft corals, sponges, filtering organisms
  • Use encourages the emergence of live zooplankton and gives the aquarium a bio-boost
  • Can be kept for up to 6 months at 0-4°C
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